SAN JOSE, CA—The Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC) and SEMI, a trade association for the electronics industry, have formed an alliance to drive autonomous vehicle innovation. They plan to engage automakers, suppliers and other parties to build partnerships, address shared challenges, exchange information, and pursue new innovation and business opportunities

"With a shared interest in the future of the automotive industry and a focus on innovation, the AVCC and SEMI alliance will strengthen the technical work and marketing efforts of both organizations," says Armando Pereira, president of AVCC. "We are thrilled to begin working with SEMI and its members.

"Each organization brings unique perspective and contributions to the table," adds Pereira. "Together, AVCC and SEMI will reach a larger and broader audience of automotive industry decision makers with their research, reports, recommendations and standards. We believe together we will ultimately transition autonomous vehicles from early-market innovation to an everyday part of our mobile lives."