VUADENS, Switzerland—Morand eTechnology has unveiled an energy storage system that can recharge an electric car in 72 seconds. The hybrid device combines the characteristics of an ultracapacitor with that of a chemical battery to create a durable and ultra-fast energy pack that enables rapid charging applications. The cells are used in combination with advanced controllers to safely achieve high levels of performance.

“This breakthrough in energy storage systems has the potential to revolutionize…and greatly advance a number of mobility businesses,” claims Benoît Morand, managing director of Morand eTechnology. “With extreme durability and astonishingly fast charge times, our [technology] has a vast number of possible applications.

“Our testing and development program has been extensive, but we have also verified our claims with independent testing,” says Morand. “We are now focusing on scaling with our production partner, seeking additional investment and finalizing agreements for a number of key applications, including drones and e-bikes.”

Unlike conventional lithium-ion battery packs, Morand’s system relies less on materials such as cobalt and lithium. While some lithium is used, it is primarily comprised of aluminium, carbon and graphene. And, with up to 10 times the number of possible discharge cycles, long-term operational costs may be substantially lower than an equivalent lithium-ion system.