Initiated in 2004, the Assembly Plant of the Year award showcases world-class production facilities in America and the people, products, and processes that make them successful. 

About the Award:

All manufacturers that assemble products in the United States are invited to nominate their plants for assembly plant of the year. Unlike many other awards, there is no entry fee. Any assembly plant in the United States is eligible. Plant size, type of assembly process, or industry is not important, as long as the facility is involved in joining discrete parts into finished products. 

Click here for the 2023 Nomination Form. All nominees are evaluated by ASSEMBLY's editorial staff. The submittal deadline is April 28. The winning plant receives an engraved crystal award and a commemorative banner during a special presentation at the plant. It is also featured in the October issue of ASSEMBLY Magazine. For more information, contact Austin Weber at or 224-202-2340.

Do you have what it takes to win the 2023 Assembly Plant of the Year? Listen to our podcast with Jim Barbaretta, plant manager at Brose Tuscaloosa. Brose Tuscaloosa was the 2022 Assembly Plant of the Year Award Winner. 

Continuous Improvement Thrives at Brose: An Interview with Plant Manager, Jim Barbaretta

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