DETROIT—Per a recent report from Automotive News, Greatwater Opportunity Capital purchased the former Cadillac plant last April to the tune of $3.35 million. The renovations to transform the industrial building into a new apartment are expected to cost $27 million, and will retain some of the historic components. However, portions of the building that were added later in its history and not deemed historic will be removed. The building’s windows will be replaced with contemporary units that maintain a degree of historic accuracy in terms of aesthetics. Building demolition will kick off in the spring, with renovation expected to begin sometime this summer. The construction process is expected to take roughly 12 months to complete.

Located at 450 Amsterdam Street, the 117-year-old assembly plant that currently stands was constructed in 1905 after a fire damaged the Cadillac plant at the location previously. The current building was designed by George Mason, whose company also designed the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, as well as the Masonic Temple in Detroit. The plant was constructed in 67 days, and includes the use of reinforced concrete, which was considered to be a pioneer application for industrial buildings in its day. Cadillac later moved production to Clark Street in Southwest Detroit in 1920.