SINDELFINGEN, Germany—The state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz factory here recently built the automaker’s 22 millionth vehicle. An EQS 580 sedan rolled off the flexible assembly line at the historic facility, which has been producing cars since 1919. To mark the historic event, the electric vehicle posed next to a 15/70/100-hp open touring car that was made at the plant in 1924.

“Flexible, digital, efficient and sustainable: Sindelfingen is and remains our center of excellence for luxury class vehicles in the global production network,” says Jörg Burzer, member of the board of management responsible for production and supply chain management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG. “Sindelfingen has an impressive history, while at the same time being ideally positioned for the future.”

The Sindelfingen site began producing motor cars as part of Daimler-Motor-Gesellschaft. It was originally founded in 1915 as an aircraft factory. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the facility was famous for producing unique car bodies, before modern assembly lines and large-scale production techniques were introduced at the plant.

"Sindelfingen is one of the most traditional vehicle plants of our brand,” says Michael Bauer, plant manager. “The 'Sindelfingen bodies' of the 1920s are legendary. They stand for a golden age of top-of-the-range automobiles with individual bodies for the highest demands from a single source. These highlights are an important part of our heritage."

Today, Sindelfingen is the home of Factory 56, a showcase for Industry 4.0 technology and sustainable production processes. Among other features, the facility boasts a photovoltaic system on the roof that can supply 30 percent of the plant’s annual electricity needs.