The wide range of 21.21 rectangular connectors offers a number of advantages for modern industrial applications. They provide a secure and reliable connection for power and signal transmission, with high resistance to environmental factors such as dust, moisture and vibration. In addition, their compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment.

The new size 21.21 metal hood with angled M25 cable entry can accommodate large diameter cables or wire bundles while eliminating torsional stress on the locking lever of the mating enclosure. They are available in four versions: a standard version for heavy-duty applications, a DESINA version with a bonded gasket, a W-type version with improved corrosion resistance for aggressive environments, and an EMC version with a conductive surface for optimum electromagnetic shielding.

These are fully compatible with the existing range of 21.21 enclosures and they are particularly suitable for CQ series inserts with a high number of individual conductors. When installed with a sealing kit (CKR-65 or CKR-65D), they provide IP66, 67 or 69 protection. 

Mencom Corp.