The ASSEMBLY Audible podcast explores the people, processes, and technologies for assembling parts into finished products. On this podcast, ASSEMBLY multimedia editor shares insights from top engineers, plant managers, CEOs, software providers, content creators, and many more unique professionals. Whether you make large products in small volumes or small products in large volumes, our goal is to provide insights, ideas, and inspiration you can put to work. Following are some highlights we'd like to share with you this month:


Carter Roth

How To Achieve Safety Excellence in Assembly Plants

The Trane Technologies HVAC equipment assembly plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas, recently celebrated 12 straight years without missing a day due to a work-related injury or illness. The factory is on track to reach 6 million hours without a lost-time safety incident by October 2025. We're joined by the plant manager of the Fort Smith factory, Carter Roth, to learn how the Fort Smith plant achieved such an impressive safety record.



Alexandre Donnadieu

Digital Thread Management in Additive Manufacturing

According to our guest, Alexandre Donnadieu, additive manufacturing is in its teenage years with a solid foundation and high potential but is still a somewhat risky or hectic market presenting challenges for decision-makers. Find out how 3YOURMIND is working to accelerate digital thread adoption, helping engineers spend less time on nonproductive tasks such as finding the right applications and procurement.



Kevin Dunbar

Transforming To a Circular Business Model Through Decarbonization Strategy

Multinational automotive manufacturer Stellantis has an ambitious decarbonization strategy with an aim to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038. Stellantis is well on its way to meeting its Dare Forward carbon footprint reduction target of 50% by 2030. Kevin Dunbar, the Director of Facilities joins ASSEMBLY Audible to share how Stellantis facilities are reducing, reusing, and recycling.



Leifje Dighton

Successful Plant Management at GE Appliances

What does it take to run a world-class assembly plant operation? Successful plant management at GE Appliances includes a multi-year outlook, strategy deployment, careful consideration of the factory capacity, communication and focus on people, and data analysis. Listen in as Leifje Dighton, Executive Director and Plant Manager responsible for top-freezer refrigerator manufacturing at GE Appliances in Decatur, Alabama, shares her insights.



Dave Fromm

The World's Tiniest Computers, Medical Devices

Promex assembles some of the world’s smallest medical and biotech devices that contain semiconductor chips. With a unique factory setting featuring cutting-edge equipment and meticulous supply chain management, Promex partners with med and biotech companies at all stages in the assembly process, from early prototypes to R&D development and high-volume production. We're joined by longtime R&D expert in diagnostics, Dave Fromm chief operating officer and vice president of engineering. Learn more about the world's tiniest computers, medical devices.


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