COVENTRY, England—Changi Airport Group (CAG) and Aurrigo International plc have agreed to bring in a fleet of four autonomous baggage handling vehicles to pilot underwing operations at Changi Airport. Throughout a 2-year trial, the Auto-DollyTug demonstrated its ability to maneuver on the apron while interacting with traditional ground service equipment (GSE).

The next stage of testing, Phase 2B will focus on testing the Auto-DollyTugs’ fleet communication through Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect platform, enabling them to be scheduled and monitored to support the turnaround of a wide body flight.

It is expected that this new generation of airport baggage handling vehicles, designed, engineered, and built in the UK, will arrive in Singapore in the coming months. Beyond the concept validation phase, these vehicles will play a critical role in supporting the turnaround of wide-body flights to achieve efficiency savings, and environmental improvements and to alleviate labor shortages impacting the global aviation sector.

Efficiently turning around a wide-body flight demands seamless coordination among multiple stakeholders. Auto-DollyTug introduces pioneering features that elevate efficiencies beyond the capabilities of today’s standard tow tractors. With Aurrigo’s patented sideways drive system, this innovative tractor can maneuver directly sideways into confined spaces within the baggage hall and amidst ground service equipment (GSE) on the apron. Additionally, its 360-degree tank turn capabilities and integrated robotic arms enable the vehicle to automatically load and unload unit load devices (ULDs) with precision, streamlining operations.

For more information, contact Aurrigo International PLC.