The new VersaFlex AP10 conveyor from mk North America Inc. is for medium-duty pallet-handling applications. It is ideal for handling automotive components, battery cell applications, machining center operations, and inspection and testing centers.

The conveyor has a repeat accuracy of ±0.1 millimeter, when used with mk pallets and locating devices. The pallets come in two sizes: small (250 by 225 millimeters) and large (300 by 300 millimeters). Each pallet can carry 66 pounds. Pallets can be tooled with fixtures to secure products for manual or automated operations. All pallets contain a set of precision bushings. These bushings mate with the locating pins in the different conveyor modules.

The conveyor is available in straight, curved and inclined sections. The conveyor frame is 95 millimeters tall and 105 millimeters wide. The conveyor is available in lengths of up to 40 meters. A double T-slot is located on both sides of the frame. 

Made from polyacetal, the flat-top, finger-safe conveyor chain is 103 millimeters wide. The chain is similar to the standard VersaFlex conveyor chain, but has a slightly different geometry that provides higher tensile strength. The chain is also slightly thicker than standard chain.

Maximum conveyor speed is 165 feet per minute, and the conveyor can be set up for constant or variable speed operation. Options include cushioned and non-cushioned pallet stops, pallet diverters, and pallet lift-and-locate devices. 

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