Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.’s Stratford, CT, manufacturing facility is now using an inventory management system from NYF Corp. (Paramus, NJ). The point-of-use system manages hardware parts for Comanche, Black Hawk, Cypher, S-76, S-92, Seahawk and CM/MH-53 helicopters.

The demand flow system was exclusively developed for Sikorsky to streamline the entire supply chain process. The program’s objective is to optimally reduce procurement costs by decreasing the number of steps it takes to maintain or replenish assembly parts.

With a specially designed parts carousel at its core, the system tracks more than 10,000 hardware parts using comprehensive computerized data.

The data for this two-bin, two-bag system are compiled and continuously upgraded for each part number, quantity and bin location throughout the manufacturing facility. An empty bin or bag triggers Sikorsky’s on-site bar code scanning to automatically generate a replenishment order. The vendor fulfills the order, replenishes the stock, provides summary electronic invoicing and manages all procurement elements within the supply chain.

The system increases responsiveness to demand changes, improves hardware flow to the fabrication and assembly operations, reduces inventory exposure, eliminates part shortages and nonconformances, reduces hardware SKUs through standardization and consolidation, and merges and reduces hardware- related transactions.

With this system in place, processing costs have also been decreased by reducing materials handling and day-to-day procurement and accounts receivable transactions, as well as eliminating purchase orders and releases.

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