When quality assurance folks are "absolute fanatics," like those at Ben & Jerry's ice cream facility in Burlington, VT, the outcome is high-quality products, cost savings and a reputation for consistent excellence. And because Ben & Jerry's quality-assurance system uses SQCpack from PQ Systems (Dayton, OH), these "fanatics" have identified savings of more than $100,000 during the past year, while continuing to build the company's reputation for great ice cream products.

SQCpack is statistical process control software that enables users to create control charts, histograms and Pareto charts. SQCpack can be easily incorporated into lab, office or shop floor statistical process control applications.

The company uses the program to analyze data related to the amount of air put into the ice cream mix, the chunks (e.g., chocolate) that go into products and the volume of product in its cups. The company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to collecting and analyzing data to ensure high quality. Maintaining consistency translates into six-figure cost savings each year.

Even while the company strives to create consistently high-quality ice cream products, it also adheres to its commitment to natural ingredients and business practices that "respect the Earth and the environment."

This is an ambitious mission, but it is carried out emphatically in the company's attention to waste, conservation of resources and employee well-being. And at the same time, the company is consistently profitable, offering good value to its investors.

The company uses chlorine-free, recycled paper for its containers and a non-PVC product for the tamper-evident bands on product lids. The company has also reduced its carbon dioxide emissions, and rather than selling its pollution credits to another company, the company donated these credits to "Clean Air-Clean Planet," an organization committed to promoting practical solutions to global warming, including retiring pollution credits.

Beyond delicious ice cream products, Ben & Jerry's is committed to quality in every aspect of its operation. For most of us, a taste of Chunky Monkey or Phish Food is enough to be convinced of this commitment. Once they've tasted the company's ice cream products, customers become-like Ben & Jerry's quality assurance folks-"absolute fanatics" themselves.

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