EPSON Robots celebrates its 20th anniversary.

CARSON, CA-This year marks EPSON Robots' 20th year of providing robots. During this period EPSON has grown from being an early pioneer in the assembly robot market to developing and introducing new technology designed to make robots easier to use, more reliable and more flexible.

"A lot has happened in 20 years," says Michael Ferrara, director of EPSON Robots-North and South America. "There have been the roller coaster rides of boom and bust cycles. We have seen competitors come in and out of our markets, sometimes more than once. Through it all, EPSON Robots has proven its long-term commitment to its customers and markets. We were here when you woke up this morning, and we will be here tomorrow. Our single-minded focus has been and will continue to be to turn our customers into raving fans about our people, products and services. We will not stray from the path of making EPSON robots the easiest and most reliable available-anywhere, anytime."