GREENVILLE, SC--Rockwell Automation presented an overview of the company's energy efficiency initiative before a group that included Norman Y. Mineta, secretary of transportation; Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio; and many Ohio state congressmen. The tour and presentation took place at the company's Advanced Development Laboratory in Euclid, OH. The tour featured a demonstration of a high-temperature superconducting Reliance motor operating at 1,600 hp.

After a tour of the superconducting lab, Rick Payton, director of motor marketing, discussed the savings associated with using energy-efficient systems in industry, as well as the future of superconducting technology. "We have entered the 21st century with an energy crisis. The electric motor consumes over 60 percent of the total industrial demand for power, as it converts electric energy to mechanical energy necessary to do work. Improving electric motor efficiency will reduce power costs, and consideration of more efficient mechanical components driven by that motor will reduce them even further," says Payton.

Dave Petro, business manager, revealed another energy-saving opportunity by demonstrating a variable speed pump. A significant amount of energy can be saved by varying