Alfa-Laval Separation Inc.’s (Warminster, PA) manufacturing plant layout did not make productive use of floor space. When Alfa acquired Sharples Inc., the need for a more efficient layout became even more essential.

Alfa Laval manufactures three basic types of centrifuges in over 200 individual models. The centrifuges vary depending on such factors as the materials to be separated or the production volume.

Accommodating the newly acquired Sharples Inc. involved consolidating the manufacturing operation. Cellular manufacturing seemed to be the right solution. So Alfa-Laval contacted Lista International Corp. (Holliston, MA).

Lista provided the company with high-density, modular workbenches, drawer storage cabinets and mobile tool cabinets. The new tool storage equipment saves substantial space, and increases productivity by shortening retrieval Arial and improving safety conditions. The equipment also boosts morale because it enables operators to work as a team through all phases of a component’s production.

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