Founded in 1984, Automated Circuit Design (ACD-Richardson, TX) provides a wide range of services, including printed circuit board design, fabrication, prototyping, testing, assembly and component procurement.

In 2003, a fire broke out in an electrical box in the ACD complex. No one was injured in the blaze, but much of the company's equipment was destroyed by smoke and water damage. In the wake of the accident, the company temporarily relocated to a nearby facility, while it renovated its 15,000-square-foot production plant.

As part of the rebuild effort, ACD replaced its original workstations with about 50 Arlink 8000 modular workstations from Lista International Corp. (Holliston, MA).

ACD production manager Bob Smith says his company chose the Arlink systems because of their overall quality, structural support and sturdiness. According to Smith, the workstations also offer exceptional functionality and excellent electrostatic discharge protection.

Smith adds that the flexibility afforded by the Arlink module-based "starter and adder" system means the workstations can be used in many areas of the plant, including the kitting stockroom, the production floor and the test department.

"In the kitting area, technicians can safely work with electrostatic components, and in the assembly and production departments, every technician can perform the most precise processes effectively," Smith says. "The Arlink 8000 provides the lighting needed to perform every task with attention to every detail."

As an added benefit, Smith says the new workstations have dramatically improved the facility's appearance, which has had a positive effect on both employees and customers.

"We all take great pride in the appearance of our production floor, as we often have customers touring the facility," he says. "A uniform look of consistent quality is essential for echoing ACD's well-earned image of quality and attention to detail. Customers often compliment us on the aesthetics of our production areas, and the workstations contribute a lot to that."

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