BINGHAMTON, NY—Universal Instruments Corp. recognizes that going to its customers is more efficient than having its customers come to them. So in an attempt to get closer to its customers, Universal Instruments will hold a series of road show events across the Americas this year.

The 2003 road show concept allows Universal Instruments to present its new products, refined support infrastructure and corporate strategies one-on-one. "We could go to a trade show and hope the customers find us and have enough time to really understand our unique offerings. Or, we could go to the customers and give them a better experience-not to mention a greatly reduced travel and cost burden," says Karen Moore-Watts, director of global marketing.

Universal Instruments road show venues and dates are:

  • Fremont, CA—May 2003
  • Binghamton, NY—July 17 to18, 2003
  • New England (venue TBA) —September 2003
  • Chicago—September 2003
  • Guadalajara, Mexico—October 2003

For more information on the roadshows or to register for an event, call 800-432-2607, visit or e-mail