GLENVIEW, IL-Illinois Tool Works Inc. has acquired Tregaskiss Welding Products (Windsor, Ontario), a manufacturer of robotic and semiautomatic MIG welding torches and peripherals.

Tregaskiss employs 179 people and markets its products throughout Canada and the United States. The company will continue to operate independently, as is consistent with ITW's decentralized organizational structure. However, as part of ITW, which also owns Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and Bernard, Tregaskiss will have access to additional research and development, engineering and technical resources.

"The Tregaskiss brand of premium MIG torches is well respected for quality and innovation, especially among high production welding companies," says Mike Weller, president of Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Other ITW welding companies include Hobart Brothers, Jetline Engineering, Smith Equipment, Tempil and Weldcraft.