A joint-venture company formed by Toyota Industries Corp. (Kariya, Japan) and DENSO Corp. (Kariya, Japan), Michigan Automotive Compressor Inc. (Parma, MI) manufactures magnetic-clutch air conditioning compressors for the automotive industry. Recently, the company purchased a number of Miracle Boy high-performance oil filtration systems from Meiji Corp. (Elk Grove Village, IL) in an effort to reduce its expenditures on petroleum products, as well as its environmental “carbon footprint.”

Established in 1989, Michigan Automotive Compressor maintains a 786,000-square-foot production facility equipped with some 200 robots and 650 production machines. These systems do everything from machining and pressing to tin plating, arc welding and quality testing. The Miracle Boy filters are being used in combination with the company’s die-casting machines and the main vacuum pumps serving its inspection stations. Installed in 2004, the filtration systems have succeeded in reducing oil usage in these areas by approximately 92 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions are down from 26.4 tons to almost zero.

According to Michigan Automotive production engineer Lee Kline, the company was able to recover 85 percent of the cost of the filters within the first year, thanks to the savings it experienced in terms of materials and labor.

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