The machining areas of humans and robots are growing closer to each other.  Human robot collaboration (HRC) requires intelligent and safe gripping. SCHUNK illustrates what is important for HRC-capable actuators, which minimum standards must be fulfilled and what is already possible in the field of HRC gripping today. Additionally, SCHUNK sets a new benchmark for HRC grippers of the future with the Co-act Gripper JL1.

When SCHUNK presented the world's first certified safety gripping system approximately two years ago, it was to be expected that the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems would soon build upon this success. At the time, Ralf Steinmann, Director Business Unit Gripping Systems at SCHUNK, had already defined the barrier-free collaboration of human and robot as a target for the future. Just 24 months later, the SCHUNK development engineers reached, and have surpassed this target. SCHUNK Co-act Grippers have the potential to catapult the gripper into a new dimension.



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