Machine designers and builders typically try to keep installation costs low by choosing to hardwire the unit for power and signals. However, when you look beyond the obvious up-front cost savings, you’ll find many hidden costs that more than offset the initial cost benefits that hard wiring may present. Not only does hard wiring bring its own installation and labor costs, it also adds more connection points and their associated costs to the machine which all complicate time-to-market considerations.

LAPP’s white paper, Connectors Lower Wiring Costs, shows how the widely held belief that hardwiring will minimize wire installation costs turns out to be wrong. For instance, connectorization enables more modular machines using pre-built and tested subsystems and components that are ready for installation. And, connectorized systems can save time during shipping and commissioning, as well as drastically reduce the headaches and costly downtime that incurs from field wiring and repairs. By eliminating the recurring and hidden costs associated with hard wiring, connectors help machine builders ship, install and maintain machines faster while realizing overall savings. 



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