ILION, NY—Remington Arms was cited for more than two dozen violations of workplace safety and health standards—and fined more than $200,000 as a result—after an employee’s fingertip was amputated while working at the company’s assembly plant here.

Remington was cited for 27 violations and fined $210,132 in penalties. According to an OSHA spokesman, the amputation that prompted the inspections occurred Sept. 28, 2018, while an employee was working on a broaching machine.

Federal officials said OSHA inspectors found numerous safety violations during their visits, including “lack of machine guarding and exposures to electrical, chemical, ladder, tripping, crushing, and struck-by hazards.”

In addition to safety violations, Remington was cited for a number of health violations, including failures to conduct atmospheric testing in confined spaces; monitor lead exposure levels; implement a hearing conservation program; provide first-aid training and appropriate protective clothing for employees working with corrosive chemicals; protect employees from exposure to cadmium; and label hazardous chemical containers.

“The violations identified exposed employees to serious and potentially life-threatening injuries,” said OSHA Syracuse Area Director Jeffrey Prebish in a statement. “Employers can minimize workplace dangers by conducting required job hazard analyses.”