RLS LLC, a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company, announces the launch of RLS Refrigeration Press Fittings, the world’s first press-to-connect fittings engineered for high-pressure copper refrigeration connections.

The RLS fittings replace the highly skilled and time consuming practice of manually brazing copper joints, which saves time, reduces total installed cost, improves consistency and significantly increases safety by eliminating the need for an open flame. Using the RLS press tool and jaws, a typical RLS connection can be made in less than 25 seconds, resulting in labor savings of up to 77% in independent testing.

In addition to manufacturing and selling the new fittings under the RLS name, the company has also licensed the RLS technology to Parker Hannifin’s Sporlan Division, which will incorporate RLS fittings into a range of its HVAC/R products, such as valves and filter driers. Parker will sell the RLS-equipped products under the ZoomLock™ brand name to equipment manufacturers, as well as through its extensive distribution network. Individual RLS fittings will also be offered under the ZoomLock brand through Parker distributors and Sporlan authorized wholesalers.

RLS refrigeration press fittings are UL listed to 700 psi operating pressure and have gone through extensive third party testing for quality, durability, corrosion resistance and ease of installation.

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