DETROIT—Early results from several United Auto Workers locals show that the new contract with General Motors Co. is receiving mixed support from members. UAW Local 160 representing GM employees at the Warren Technical Center overwhelmingly voted in favor of the new contract with 84 percent voting yes, according to the local's Facebook page.
Skilled trades members passed the contract with 85 percent voting yes and non-trades members approved it with 81 percent voting yes. Based on the numbers on Local 160's website, the unit had a 78 percent voting turnout.
Members of the Local 668 at the Saginaw Metal Casting Operations passed the contract. Seventy-three percent of skilled-trades members and 75 percent of production members approved the deal, according to the local's Facebook page.
However,  GM employees near Nashville, TN, narrowly rejected the proposed contract on Tuesday.  A 51 percent majority of roughly 3,300 workers at its Spring Hill assembly plant cast ballots against the tentative agreement reached last week.
Union members voting began last Saturday, and a simple majority is needed to ratify the contract. The UAW wants local unions representing employees across 55 GM facilities in 19 states to submit their ratification vote totals by 4 p.m. Friday. Education sessions and voting times are set by the union's local units. Official results won't be known until votes from every local are in and calculated. 
The new four-year deal with GM promises permanent jobs for temporary employees and the elimination of a $12,000 cap on profit sharing. It also promises an $11,000 bonus if members ratify the contract, which would effectively more than offset the financial losses members took in the strike. Temporary workers would receive a bonus of $4,500 upon ratification.
The proposed contract would give 3 percent base-wage increases in the second and fourth years of the contract and would pay 4% lump-sum bonuses in the first and third years. It also allows GM to close three plants: Baltimore Operations in Maryland, Lordstown Assembly in northeast Ohio and Warren Transmission in southeast Michigan.