TULSA, OK - Tulsa's leaders helped cut the ribbon on Whirlpool’s new factory distribution center. This 800,000 square foot facility adds on to the current manufacturing plant.

Whirlpool’s leaders say this expansion will serve as a central location among its other centers on the continent. They say the center will help them streamline production and distribution.

“You'll see this facility continue to evolve and get smarter over time,” says Vice President of NAR Integrated Supply Chain and Quality at Whirlpool, Jim Keppler.

Whirlpool's Jim Keppler says the center will be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It's a $55 million capital investment that'll be put to good use.

“Ultimately this location is going to flow over two million cooking products across North America to our customers,” says Keppler.

Oklahoma's leaders like Congressman Kevin Hern say Whirlpool’s impact isn't just measurable in the number of appliances they distribute.

“The company does so much more, they've received awards and recognition for being one of the most admired companies, and for being one of the friendliest companies for our U.S. men and servicewomen in the military,” Hern says.

Others say it shows the state's viability for manufacturing jobs.

“It's truly a testament to our leaders who have come before us and those who continue to help move the needle in order to make Tulsa and our entire state top ten in economic development and job growth,” says Oklahoma Commerce Secretary Sean Kouplen.

Those 150 new jobs will add to the 1,600 employees who already work at the plant.