SOUTHFIELD, MI—Dürr has built a state-of-the-art paint shop for Enovate Motors at is new assembly plant under construction in Changsha, China. The scalable facility features a fleet of flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

The AGVs are not restrained by cycle times and can be easily reprogrammed as product mix or production volume changes. Dürr claims that its EcoProFleet is the first AGV system designed specifically for use in automotive paint shops. The machines are resistant to paint and solvents, and are equipped with an integrated laser scanner and a speed limit. They can be used with or without skids.

Enovate’s new paint shop is the first facility in China to rely on Dürr’s RoDip E rotational dip process in pretreatment with a thin-film process and cathodic electrocoating. An electric power source enables Enovate engineers to program each trolley to manage a specific car body’s requirements. This allows the flexibility to define an optimized immersion curve in terms of turning and travel speeds for each body type.

All RoDip variants have a comparatively short immersion tank. A small tank volume keeps consumption of water, chemicals and energy as low as possible.