AACHEN, Germany—FEV Group GmbH recently opened the world's largest development and endurance test center for electric power train components. The 452,100-square-foot e-Duration Test Center (eDLP) features 70 test systems dedicated to performance, durability abuse testing.

Engineers at the facility focus on certifying warranty commitments relating to EV batteries and electronics. Specifically, they ensure that components comply with ISO 16750 (road vehicles – environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment) and UN Standard 38.3. Products can be tested for things such as harsh climatic conditions and temperature extremes, corrosion, chemical resistance, dust and stone impact.

"Our team of experts provide advice and support in the specification of individual test objectives,” says Stefan Pischinger, president and CEO of FEV Group. “If required, we also develop suitable test cycles and take over their execution.

"We extract data from our findings and insert determinations directly back into the development process for our customers,” explains Pischinger. “This not only shortens virtual iteration loops, but also reduces real test requirements; and thus saves both time and money on the way to product series maturity." 

According to Pischinger, the dimensioning and performance profiles of the individual test rigs are designed for maximum flexibility. He claims they meet or exceed the requirements of all testing standards commonly used in Asia, Europe and North America.

“Like all test rigs in the eDLP, environmental tests run in 24/7 operation to ensure the fastest possible processing of projects and the continuous flow of information to customers,” Pischinger points out. “Clients can also be connected to selected test benches in real time and follow test runs of their product live.

“Once test cycles have been completed, there is also the option of being present virtually during the findings,” adds Pischinger. “This allows results to be exchanged directly…and next steps to be coordinated together with eDLP [engineers] for unparalleled efficiency.”