ROSSLYN, VA—The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published NEMA TS 10-2020 Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Roadside Equipment. It addresses technology that enables the coexistence of multiple communication technologies for connected vehicles. The technical specification facilitates vehicle-to-infrastructure communication regardless of the type of device or underlying technology.

“The NEMA TS 10 Standard helps realize the promise of connected vehicles, reducing fatalities and crashes, and improving traffic,” says Bryan Mulligan, president of Applied Information Inc. and chairman of the NEMA Transportation Management Systems and Associated Control Devices Section. “Focusing the standard on applications and how to achieve deployment makes this a key part of getting this life-saving technology deployed.”

“NEMA TS 10 contains key elements that enable road infrastructure owners and operators to confidently procure equipment knowing it will remain interoperable and effective as technology advances,” adds Steve Griffith, industry director for NEMA’s Transportation Systems Division. “The standard provides solutions to specific applications, such as emergency vehicle signal preemption, pedestrian crossing ahead, and entering school or work zones.”