NORTHBROOK, IL—Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has joined the World Economic Forum’s Safe Drive Initiative, a new program created to assist autonomous vehicle development. The mission of the Safe Drive Initiative is to enable a new approach to AV safety, providing increased transparency on AV technology and a greater alignment on the definition of “safety.”

The effort brings together industry and regulators to identify specific challenges in AV policy and to co-create solutions, through toolkits, technical insights and thought leadership. UL's contributions to the Safe Drive Initiative will include participation on technical panels and papers, helping navigate the complexity of autonomous vehicle safety.

Part of the World Economic Forum's Future of Mobility Platform, the Safe Drive Initiative has created a proposed framework for AV governance centered around a scenario-based safety assurance program. Following the publication of this framework, the World Economic Forum is considering creating further guidance for policymakers on various facets of AV safety, such as teleoperations, minimum risk maneuvers and cyber resiliency.

“As autonomous technology spans software, electrical and traditional mechanical systems, manufacturers must consider a host of existing standards and emerging industry best practices to address safety at all levels of automation,” says Mary Joyce, vice president and general manager of UL’s New Mobility group. “This is even more important as we move to higher levels of autonomy.”

“Cutting-edge technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, are creating opportunities to transform mobility by enabling innovative business models and mobility services for new and changing customer demographics,” adds Michelle Avary, head of automotive and autonomous mobility at the World Economic Forum. “We welcome UL’s scientific expertise in safety that aligns seamlessly with our work that brings the world’s major mobility stakeholders across all sectors to create mobility systems and guidelines that meet 21st century demands.”

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