GEORGETOWN, KY—Toyota Motor Corp. plans to produce fuel cell modules at its flagship factory here. Starting in 2023, a dedicated line at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) will begin assembling dual fuel cell modules destined for use in hydrogen-powered, heavy-duty commercial trucks.
“We’re bringing our proven electric technology to a whole new class of production vehicles,” says Tetsuo Ogawa, president and CEO of Toyota Motor North America. “Heavy-duty truck manufacturers will be able to buy a fully integrated and validated fuel cell electric drive system, allowing them to offer their customers an emissions-free option in the Class 8 segment.”
The dual fuel cell modules weigh approximately 1,400 pounds and can deliver up to 160 kilowatts of continuous power. The system includes a high-voltage battery, electric motors, transmission and hydrogen storage tank. Toyota will also offer its power train integration expertise that will help truck manufacturers adapt these emissions-free drivetrain systems to a wide variety of applications.
“This second-generation fuel cell system is necessary for a carbon neutral future,” explains David Rosier, TMMK power train head. “It delivers over 300 miles of range at a full load weight of 80,000 pounds, all while demonstrating exceptional drivability, quiet operation and zero harmful emissions.”