SELMER, TN—GE Appliances is investing $5 million to produce vertical terminal air conditioners (VTAC) at its Monogram Refrigeration plant here. VTACs are commonly used in hotels and private residential facilities.

The new product line was formerly produced in Mexico, but the company decided to reshore production closer to U.S. customers. The new investment will create the fifth assembly line at the plant and add 33 new jobs, bringing total employment to 465.

“Investing in U.S. manufacturing makes it easier to innovate to better suit [U.S. customer's] needs,” says Kristi Saathoff, senior director of product management for GE Appliances. “In moving manufacturing of this product line from Mexico to Tennessee, we shortened lead times and collaborated with customers to improve ease of installation and add WiFi-connected and diagnostic capabilities. The engineering and manufacturing teams in Tennessee and our Louisville, KY, headquarters continue to find better ways to solve today’s most pressing challenges.”

“I’m extremely proud of the hardworking and close-knit team that we have here at Monogram Refrigeration,” says Ray Deming, Monogram vice president and plant manager. “Their commitment to serving our customers is unparalleled and is critical for future growth. We are glad to be a part of the GE Appliances family, which recognizes the value we bring to the company.” 

In 2018, two new assembly lines were built at Monogram Refrigeration to produce Zoneline air conditioners for hotels and built-in Monogram column-style refrigerators. These investments added 210 new jobs. The plant also manufactures other high-end refrigerators in the Monogram, Café and GE Profile brands.