LAS VEGAS—At the recent CES show here, Visteon Corp. showcased its smart wireless battery management system (BMS) for electric vehicles. It streamlines assembly time, because the system replaces wired connections with a highly secure communication technology.

The wireless battery control and interface unit eliminates the need for OEMs and suppliers to assemble battery packs with traditional wiring harnesses, which helps reduce overall vehicle weight and offers scalability across vehicle segments.

“[Our] history of producing battery management systems and digital cockpit electronics places us in a good position to support the industry’s shift to electrification,” says Sachin Lawande, president and CEO of Visteon. “Our first-to-market smart wireless battery management system (smartBMS) is the centerpiece of a growing electrified product line that will help automakers reduce the complexity, weight and materials used to manufacture electric vehicles and enhance the ownership experience for their customers.

“Wireless smartBMS can help automakers drive EVs to market faster, as time will not be needed to develop specific communication systems or redesign complex wiring schemes for each new vehicle,” claims Lawande. “Instead, the wireless system will help to ensure the scalability of batteries across future EV lineups encompassing different brands and vehicle segments, from heavy duty trucks to performance vehicles.

“Because the integrated hardware architecture and system software can extend across multiple vehicle platforms with minimal module configuration changes, this flexible wireless solution reduces engineering costs significantly, and can more easily be integrated with thermal management systems and other vehicle controls,” adds Lawande.