NEW YORK—According to a new study, Vermont is one of the easiest places in the United States to charge an electric vehicle. The Green Mountain State boasts the most electric charging stations per capita, with more than 480 charging points per million people. Vermont has 313 charging stations and a population of 645,570.

The District of Columbia ranks second, with 376 charging stations per million, while California ranks third with 347 charging points. Other states that get high marks include Colorado, Maine and Oregon.

The data was compiled by Forbes Advisor, based on data from the U.S. Department of Energy.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alabama, Kentucky and Mississippi are some of the most hardest places in the United States to charge an EV. Ironically, manufacturers are pouring billions of dollars into those states to build new factories that will mass-produce EVs, batteries and other components.

For instance, Mercedes-Benz just opened a battery factory near its assembly plant in Tuscaloosa, AL, that’s getting ready to start EV production. Nissan is investing $500 million to revamp its factory in Canton, MS, for a new line of EVs.

The other day, Envision AESC announced plans to invest $2 billion to build an EV battery plant in Bowling Green, KY. That announcement comes on the heels of Ford Motor Co.’s plan to build a $5.8 billion joint-venture battery plant with SK Innovation in Glendale, KY.