COLESHILL, England—Munro Vehicles, a startup manufacturer of all-terrain four-wheel drive electric vehicles, recently worked with engineers from ABB to develop a high-performance cable protection system. The Munro Mark 1 features Harnessflex cable management technology from ABB Installation Products (formerly Thomas & Betts).

The system is designed to withstand increased EV running temperatures, abrasion, shock and vibration, and potentially corrosive detergents, oils and grease. ABB’s engineering team designed a routing and cable protection system to integrate into the Munro Mark 1’s high- and low-voltage wiring.

“A vehicle’s electrical wiring is its heartbeat,” says Nathan Cook, global business development manager for Harnessflex. ”Our cable and connector protection [systems] help maximize productivity and protect against electrical system failures, whether the EV is used for everyday transportation or challenging off-road and working conditions.

ABB engineers developed a range of Harnessflex products used on Munro Vehicles, including Type CPC EVO (electric vehicle oange) Conduit; Harnessflex X-Temp (extreme temperature resistant) Conduit; Concept EVO backshells for HV connectors; backshells for LV connectors; joiners, T pieces, Y pieces and manifolds for conduit routing; and conduit clips and accessories. Harnessflex EVO conduit systems are manufactured in RAL2003 orange for full compliance on EV systems that require identifiable cable runs.

“We built our all-terrain electric vehicles with durable, readily available components that perform in all types of conditions,” says Russ Peterson, CEO of Munro Vehicles. “Working with ABB and the Harnessflex team to integrate trusted solutions that are well proven in the heavy automotive sector is enabling us to drive innovation and offer an entirely new type of electric vehicle.”