Are you looking to increase the quality and efficiency of your product assembly, testing, or inspection processes? If so, then Fusion Systems Group (FSG) has the answers! FSG draws upon over 50 years of design and assembly expertise to transform your manufacturing processes into turnkey automation systems that will provide years of cost-efficient production. Examples of equipment we have built includes material handling, packaging, metal forming, welding, robotic, and dispensing automation. FSG also has experience in a number of markets, including automotive, medical device, electronics, aerospace, appliance and consumer products. FSG machines are built to be rugged and robust, minimizing your cost of use, maintenance and training. You can rely on us to deliver your automation system on time, and to your expectations.

Are you ready to learn more? We invite you to visit our FSG website ( or to call (800) 626-9501 to learn more about our automation solutions.

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