Taking new steps forward together


Nitto Seiko is a unique company who supplies:

  • Industrial Fasteners (Screws)
  • Automatic Assembly Systems, Automatic Screw Driving Machines
  • Measurement and Inspection Equipment

Nitto Seiko provides not only the best condition for fastening, but also optimized operation processes, which is beyond customers' expectation with integrating technologies and experiences stored at all through the group.


Nitto Seiko America is the North American branch of Nitto Seiko, Ltd. and a provider of industry leading screw driving equipment. We offer the full range of screw driving equipment - our own motors and controllers, hand-held drivers, single-spindle drivers, multi-spindle drivers, feeders and robots. This allows us to provide any and all of the equipment you need from a single source, from stand-alone motors and controllers, all the way up to turn-key robotic screw driving systems. Warehouse to your dock within 3 business days.

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