Did you know plastic welding is the technology that keeps us safe almost daily? Before we dive deep into the different types of plastic welding at The ASSEMBLY Show workshop, Miranda Marcus lays out the basics of how and why plastic welding started in the first place. 

Video 2: Advantages and Challenges of Plastic Welding

In this day and age of advanced plastic welding techniques, we are pushing materials to their limits as new applications of plastic welding are researched and applied. Start gathering information about plastic welding and for the entire conversation, check out the podcast below and on ASSEMBLY Audible.

Podcast: Fundamentals of Plastics Welding with Miranda Marcus of EWI

What is plastic welding, really? In this podcast episode, Dr. Miranda Marcus, Applications Engineer with EWI, outlines features of plastics welding as a precursor to her ASSEMBLY Show Workshop, "Fundamentals of Plastics Welding." Miranda's workshop will take place on the first day of the show, October 25th, from 1:00 to 4:00. Register for The ASSEMBLY Show and Miranda's fascinating workshop that will take participants into the multibillion-dollar plastics welding industry. 

Fundamentals of Plastics Welding with Miranda Marcus of EWI

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