LEXINGTON, NC—Siemens Mobility, the largest manufacturer of passenger train cars in the U.S., will build a $220 million advanced manufacturing and rail services facility here. The factory will create more than 500 new jobs.

With the increased production capacity, Siemens Mobility will meet the growing demand for passenger trains in the North America. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is enabling American rail and transit operators to make critically needed investments in infrastructure that will position the country to meet the needs of its citizens with rail networks designed for future generations.

“America is investing in rail, and we are investing in America,” says Roland Busch, Ph.D., CEO of Siemens AG. “Siemens has invested $3 billion in manufacturing expansions and M&A activities in the U.S. over the past four years alone, including nearly $400 million to grow its U.S. manufacturing footprint.”

Siemens has invested $40 billion in the United States over the past two decades while serving the industries and infrastructure forming the backbone of the American economy. The company has some 45,000 U.S. employees and 21 U.S. manufacturing sites.

The passenger coach manufacturing factory, as well as a locomotive and passenger coach overhaul facility, will be on a 200-acre site, allowing for future facility expansion. When it starts operations in 2024, it will incorporate some of the latest manufacturing technologies, including robotic welding, 3D printing and virtual reality welder training. In addition, the facility will be carbon neutral when fully operational.

Siemens already operates a railcar manufacturing facility in Sacramento, CA. That facility, which derives 80 percent of its power from solar energy, has manufacturing locomotives and railcars for more than 30 years.