The E400 automatically cuts and strips wire ranging from 26 to 6 AWG and cable ranging from 0.8 to 12.5 millimeters in diameter. It can also process tubing, ribbon and multiconductor cables. It can cut a variety of insulation materials, including PVC, PUR and Teflon. It can strip the outer jacket in several steps. It can do full and partial strips on one or both ends of a wire. Blades, belts and guides of the predecessor model, the MultiStrip 9480, are compatible with the new machine.

The contact pressure on the feeding unit is programmable. This allows for fine and targeted adjustments. The E400 is equipped with a belt drive system with an integrated short piece kit. The gripping axis is programmable and ensures accurate transport of the cable.

An intuitive interface with a 10-inch color touch screen facilitates the creation of jobs and article programs. Predefined and verified default parameters support quick creation of processing jobs. “Quick-Run Mode” allows immediate production with just a few clicks.

Options include a cable jam detector, various radius blade sets, and a tool bar with magnetic holder for accessories.

Schleuniger Inc.