NORTH CHARLESTON, SC—According to a June 13th article published by Reuters, Boeing is investigating a new quality issue with its 787 Dreamliner after discovering that hundreds of fasteners on some undelivered jets have been incorrectly installed. The problem involves improper tightening of more than 900 fasteners per plane, affecting both sides of the jet's mid-body. 

While Boeing reported no immediate safety concern, they are working to determine the cause and extent of necessary rework. The company stated that the issue will not significantly impact deliveries and that the in-service fleet remains safe.

Boeing's 787 team is currently inspecting the fasteners on some undelivered Dreamliners to ensure they meet engineering specifications. They are collaborating with customers and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to keep them informed. The FAA has not yet commented on the situation.

Boeing shares initially fell by 1.7% but later stabilized. This latest issue comes after a January incident where an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX made an emergency landing due to a fuselage panel blowout. The current flaw was found at Boeing's South Carolina plant, where fasteners were incorrectly torqued from the wrong side. Despite this, 787 deliveries are still ongoing.