In May, ASSEMBLY Audible enjoyed an immersive experience, bringing listeners straight to the heart of the ASSEMBLY Show South trade show floor. Through engaging interviews and discussions with business owners and industry experts spanning process engineering, e-mobility, robotics, assembly systems, and beyond, we share a first-hand account of relevant topics. The conversations offered a comprehensive overview of the latest product offerings and the diverse array of current considerations among our exhibitor base.


Ed Stockline

Developing Novel Technologies for Assembly Systems

Promess is an advanced manufacturing solutions provider known for its state-of-the-art, turnkey sensing, and test systems. Ed Stockline, Head of Sales with Promess highlights how, at its core Promess is an engineering company consistently developing novel technologies in manufacturing.



Søren Peters

Knowing Where To Start In Robotics and Automation is Key

Join us for a comprehensive conversation with Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot. Learn how and why HowToRobot came to be in 2017 and what gaps they're filling in robotics through advisory, marketplace, and research insight services.



Niklas Schröder

Leading in the Realm of Low-Cost Robotics

Niklas Schröder Product Specialist Automation with RBTX by igus explains how the RBTX method is making high-quality automation more accessible, affordable, and consumer-friendly through its marketplace of components. Listen in for a firsthand account of what it means and why it's necessary to lead in the world of low-cost robotics.



Greg Swan

Big Data and E-Mobility in the Automotive Sector

Connect with Greg Swan, Key Accounts Manager with Desoutter Tools from The ASSEMBLY Show South trade show floor in Nashville. Greg highlights how automotive companies are utilizing data, sharing his insights on current needs and future areas for improvement.



David Turner

Engineering the Flow of Processes in Plants

David Turner, Founder of Turner Process Solutions founded his company in 2022 harnessing years of plant-floor experience focusing on advancing the way fluids, solids, and data move through manufacturing facilities. Find out more about Turner Process Solutions' passion for safety, process, and complex problem-solving.



Tom LaNigra

Concepting, Designing, and Delivering Custom Assembly Solutions

Lanco Integrated can trace its current state as a top assembly automation company back to its origination in 1873! Tom LaNigra, Vice President of Applications Engineering & Project Management, joins the podcast to share how Lanco works in a broad range of industries including automotive, electronics, medical, and aerospace.



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