ARaymond is a family-run company with more than 150 years in the field of fastenings for the automotive market. The story of ARaymond started with the creation of a push-button fastener for the glove industry and has come full circle with its newest innovation, the QUARA smart glove. QUARA is a wearable solution that detects, confirms, and traces the complete assembly of fluid and electrical connectors.

QUARA allows the operator to work in the tightest spots unencumbered. QUARA’s system is designed to provide a visual confirmation of the complete assembly. The smart glove learns to recognize each connector’s "valid" assembly signature, which it monitors through movement and sound signals. A series of green lights then informs the operator that the connectors have been properly assembled,, a mechanism that works even when the assembly takes place out of sight (such as inside a tank or in between cells in battery packs). This means that operators can be certain that their work meets the highest standards of precision and quality when assembling electrical and fluid connectors. Immediate validation not only boosts the operator’s confidence but also reduces the likelihood of errors, leading to a more efficient and reliable assembly process.

QUARA offers tracing of the control and storing data, confirming a proper assembly for years to come. QUARA is adaptable to most applications that rely on manual assembly, such as automotive (EV and thermal), elevators, wind turbines, and aeronautics.

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