CUDAHY, WI--Handy & Harman Precious Metals Group has introduced a new process for in-die, high-speed fabrication of electrical contacts.

The Consert process starts with specially shaped wire tape clad in precious metal. Supplied in long, continuous coils, the tape consists of a base metal bonded with a precious metal alloy and formed into a T-shaped cross section.

The tape is fed directly into a tooling system developed by Pylon Tool Corp. (Northbrook, IL). In one high-speed step, the tape is cut and inserted into a pierced hole in the contact substrate, where it is securely staked into place to form the electrical contact assembly.

Multiple insertions can be made on the same machine. Insertion speeds are typically 10 to 15 times faster than conventional rivet staking and two to three times faster than in-die contacting.

Approximately 50,000 to 100,000 contacts can be made from a single tape, which can be made in a variety of configurations and shank lengths. The tape is available in all common contact materials, including gold, silver and palladium alloys. There are no significant restrictions on layer thickness or size of the contact. Because of the metallurgical bond between the layer of precious metal and the base material, the edge of the contact won't lift away. Once inserted, the contacts stay reliably in place.

For more information, call Handy & Harman at 800-558-3856.