The ASM 390 and ASM 392 leak detection instruments have been designed for the semiconductor and display industries as well as other demanding applications where rapid pump down and high sensitivity is key. Both models are Semi S2 compliant.

The leak detectors are fitted with a dry frictionless backing pump and a powerful high vacuum pump, making them the ideal tools for leak testing various components in clean environments.

Equipped with an additional turbopump, the ASM 392 will speed up the leak detection process to reduce downtime of production equipment.

The ASM 390 and ASM 392 have been developed to provide full confidence in leak testing regardless of operator knowledge. They deliver accurate results in minimal time, making them highly efficient in the field.

ASM 390 and ASM 392 are uniquely ergonomic with a convenient size and height, a secondary handle in the front; a fully rotatable, removable display; an inlet in the front for easy connection to test ports; and maneuverability for access to all testing areas, even in tight spaces.

The instruments also feature a wide, clear, color touch-panel display and an integrated toolbox with modular compartments and storage space for vacuum bellows.

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