WASHINGTON—Oshkosh Defense will produce the U.S. Postal Service’s next-generation delivery van. Up to 165,000 vehicles will be built during the next decade, including many equipped with electric power trains.
The Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) will feature a flexible platform that enables the fleet to be retrofitted in the future to keep pace with rapid advances in electric vehicle technologies. As part of the initial $482 million contract, Oshkosh engineers will finalize the design of the vehicle and create a U.S. manufacturing facility where final assembly will occur. The first NGDVs are scheduled to enter service in 2023.
“As the American institution that binds our country together, the U.S. Postal Service can have a bright and modern future if we make investments today that position us for excellence tomorrow,” says Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General and CEO of the USPS. “The NGDV program expands our capacity for handling more package volume and supports our carriers with cleaner and more efficient technologies, more amenities, and greater comfort and security as they deliver every day on behalf of the American people.”
The NGDV vehicles will include air conditioning and heating, improved ergonomics and advanced vehicle technology, such as 360-degree cameras. They will also feature increased cargo capacity to maximize efficiency and better accommodate higher package volumes stemming from the recent growth of e-commerce.
“Our fleet modernization also reflects the Postal Service’s commitment to a more environmentally sustainable mix of vehicles,” claims DeJoy. “Because we operate one of the largest civilian government fleets in the world, we are committed to pursuing near-term and long-term opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment.”
Oshkosh Defense is a leading supplier of heavy-duty, off-road military trucks, including autonomous vehicles. The company is a division of Oshkosh Corp., which also produces a wide variety of specialty vehicles such as airport snow removal trucks, concrete mixers, fire trucks, garbage trucks and tow trucks. The company’s main factories are located in Appleton and Oshkosh, WI.