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As the world shifts towards high-tech solutions and products, the assembly industry is too. That’s why Beckwood developed the EVOx line of standard and custom servo-electric presses which use electric actuators in lieu of hydraulic systems to precisely control the ram.

While much has been written about the benefits of servo-electric presses, they are not always the best solution for assembly or forming operations. Both hydraulic and servo-electric actuators have strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one for your application depends on numerous factors. This whitepaper explores the primary differences between the two technologies and offers recommendations for successful implementation based on the factors most important to you. Areas of evaluation include precision & force control, tonnage, forming flexibility, carbon footprint, maintenance, cost, and safety.

Before choosing any kind of press, it is important to understand your production goals, application requirements, safety objectives, maintenance capabilities, and efficiency standards and choose an OEM that can customize the machinery to meet your exact needs. Beckwood is the only OEM that offers fully custom servo-electric presses with up to 200 tons of force and hydraulic presses with 3000+ tons of force.



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