TEL AVIV—REE Automotive has unveiled a series of modular components that enable engineers to create commercial electric vehicles in multiple configurations. The REEcorner technology features a single, compact module positioned between the chassis and the wheel. It includes steering, braking, suspension, power train and control.
“[Our] fully flat platforms are designed with a lower center of gravity than vehicles with the motor located in between the wheels, and are intended to carry more passengers, cargo and batteries,” says Daniel Barel, CEO of REE. “[Our] smaller footprint and lower center of gravity will also allow for taller cabin designs and lower step-in height, yielding more volumetric efficiency.
“REEcorner technology will enable new EV platforms and designs to be adopted at lower costs and with faster development times than conventional EV skateboards,” claims Barel. “A variety of mobility players will be able to use [our components] to design vehicles to meet their exact needs.”
According to Barel, EVs and AVs built with REE’s technology will offer unprecedented space for passengers, cargo and batteries. “Vehicles built on [our] platform will offer up to 35 percent more interior space than comparable commercial vehicles of similar size, providing much more room for cargo and goods,” he points out.
“Unlike in-wheel motor systems, the motors in REEcorners are fully sprung masses, positioned on the chassis side of the suspension,” explains Ahishay Sardes, chief technology officer at REE. “By minimizing unsprung mass, REEcorners are designed for optimal ride and vehicle handling dynamics.”
REE plan to utilize x-by-wire technology to control each of the corners of a vehicle with full drive-by-wire, brake-by-wire and steer-by-wire technology, which it claims will deliver vehicle stability, responsiveness and safety with fully independent wheel control. The company also plans to include REEcenter, an ECU (electrical control unit) system to coordinate all four independent REEcorner. It will consist of a thermal management system, power converter and power module.