VANCOUVER, BC—The car that made the 1920s “roar” on the road and the race track is about to be produced again. But, this time around, the legendary Duesenberg will be electric powered. Duesenberg Heritage LLC, a subsidiary of Duesenberg Technologies Inc., plans to produce low-volume versions of classic vehicles such as the Dual-Cowl Phaeton and Model J.
New rules issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration permit low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to sell cars that resemble vehicles produced at least 25 years ago. The regulations allow niche automakers to assemble up to 325 replica cars a year, subject to federal regulatory oversight tht includes adhering to current model year emissions standards.
“The collectible car market has reached new heights with record prices being reached at auction,” says Joe Lim, chairman of Duesenberg Heritage. “The bill passed by Congress enables [us] to reproduce one of today's most desirable and collectible cars on a limited production basis. Each reproduction can be personalized to fit the customers' needs for individuality, making each vehicle produced a collectible."