LINCOLNSHIRE, IL—IPC has formed an EV Quality and Reliability Advisory Group to address issues related to ensure design, materials, and process optimization of e-mobility electronics and interconnections. It will discuss topics such as current surface insulation resistance standards, higher voltage, board density, cleaning, bare board materials and power.

“A failure in a consumer electronics product like a game console or control board on a dishwasher is an inconvenience,” says Brian O’Leary, global head of e-mobility and infrastructure at Indium Corp. and chairman of the EV Quality and Reliability Advisory Group. “A failure in a critical system in an EV can be catastrophic.”

In addition to Indium, participants include automotive suppliers such as Continental, Dow and Robert Bosch. They plan to discuss current problems and best practices at upcoming automotive industry events, such as the annual Battery Show in Novi, MI.

According to O’Leary, “through presentations and panel discussions, the group aims to create open discussions about process issues and further improve supply chain communication to allow a solid base for solution creation as new issues arise.”