TAMPA, FL—An easy-to-use interlocking system enables manufacturers and end-users to stack multiple Don’t Die lithium batteries for optimum power. Each battery can be mounted vertically in a compartment, thanks to a lockable battery tray, and its modular design allows for easy detachment from products like boats, golf carts, RVs and motorhomes. When necessary, the battery can even be used as an emergency backup power source (with add-on accessories). Battery systems come in 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-volt configurations, all of which have a rugged military-grade waterproof case that ensures reliability. A Don’t Die app is also available, which allows end-users to monitor energy usage in real time, as well as make changes on the fly to conserve energy and improve performance. The app also provides instant battery-status notifications, and lets end-users review past power usage trends.

The Lithium Battery Co.