For a product to be assembled successfully, it’s essential to move the right parts, to the right place, in the right orientation, at the right time. Motion control technology makes that happen. Here’s a sampling of the latest technology.

Actuator for Automotive Weld-Gun Applications

The GTW weld-gun actuator offers high force repeatability and precision. With continuous force ratings up to 30,784 N (6,920 lbf) and speeds up to 1,270 millimeters per second, the device can support high duty cycles for increased productivity and energy efficiency. A lower total cost of ownership is provided based on its electromechanical design. The actuators are compatible with major leading global industrial robots and weld-gun supplier controllers used in the automotive industry.

Curtiss-Wright Corp.



Smart Motor Control Electronics

BGE 5510 d Pro external control electronics can be used for motors from all manufacturers. It can be used for direct current motors of any type and make. Features include motion code for free programming or IoT functions such as cloud-based condition monitoring with smart diagnostics. This allows extensive applications to be implemented directly on the controllers. The hardware has a performance range of up to 60 A continuous current.

Dunkermotoren USA Inc.



Intelligent Platform for Linear Motion

The SmartX is designed to help engineers develop motion, robotics and automation systems that improve productivity, reliability, safety and functionality, providing an option that is compatible with Industry 4.0, smart factory and IoT technology. The twin-CPU configuration provides 100 percent redundancy and allows a range of sensors to be easily integrated.




Real-Time AI and Data Analytics System

Festo AX creates a digital bridge between operational technology and business intelligence through a platform for predictive maintenance, predictive quality and energy optimization. Using advanced analytics, it maps data to learn a healthy state of a component, machine, product or energy system. Artificial intelligence and data analytics technology provide actionable information to correct anomalies when data trends are out of the ordinary.

Festo Corp.



High-Speed Link Conveyor

CDS Precision Link Conveyors TSL, TL and TXL are designed for use on machines that require stability, precision, high speeds and low maintenance. They are different in terms of body width and are available in multiple sizes, with steps from 25 to 800 millimeters. Additional features include precision aluminum links with anodizing treatment, cycle rates of up to 240+ indexes per minute and a polygonal effect compensation cam for fixed indexing motion.

Gate Technologies Inc.



Belt Drive Linear Slide

The LEZ 1 belt actuator has a small cross-sectional profile, travels up to 2,848 millimeters standard and travels up to 4,848 millimeters as a custom option. The belt drive linear slide can be used as a single axis application or configured into an XY, H frame XY or XYZ gantry using XY mounting plates or right-angle mounting brackets. It is available with two choices of stepper motors.

Isel USA Inc.